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Do your home, apartment, or office building needs Plumbing, Painting, Masonry, Carpentry, AC Repair, Electrical, Interior Decoration, or Relocation Services in Dubai?

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Why Handymen UAE?

Since 2008, Handymen UAE has been providing efficient home and business maintenance by providing various services.

Started as a small business, Handymen UAE is currently a name to reckon with all the home and commercial improvement services. We have friendly and experienced staff to take care of all your home improvement needs.

Why Handymen UAE Better Than Others?

The moment you search for professional handyman in Dubai, you may’ve come across thousands of service providers.

One reason you should choose Handymen UAE over anyone else is we can perform different kinds of repair and maintenance jobs within minutes.

We have the best handymen in Dubai who can deal with all types of repair, maintenance and replacement jobs for your apartment, home/home office, and office building.

Do you have any fault in electrical system? Or looking for water heater replacement? Feel free to call us at 050 - 187 5815 or mail us at info@handymenuae.com. We will send to your home a professional and well-qualified handyman for inspection!

Handyman SERVICES !!!

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right markAC Repair & Installation

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Painting Work

right markFixing house hold fixtures

right markResidential & Commercial Plumbing Services

right markWater Leak Fixing

right markFrames & Pictures Fixing

right markCurtain & TV Fixing

right markFurniture Repairing & assmbling

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right markWahroom Plumbing

right markHeater Fixing

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right markFlooring & Floor

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right markInterior Fit-Out

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right markPaint Work

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Carpenter Dubai - Why Our Carpentry Services Best in Dubai?

We have highly skilled and experienced carpenters who can serve you with all types of carpentry services Dubai for your home and business needs.

We have highly skilled craftsmen who can take care of your kitchen units, doors, floors, and even partition walls. We can accomplish all kinds of carpentry jobs with 100% client satisfaction, including –

  • Kitchen Cabinet
  • Furniture Customization
  • Washroom Cabinet
  • Furniture Polishing
  • Furniture Refurbishment
  • Installation & Maintenance
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Door Locks & Handles
carpentry work

AC Repair & Maintenance - Okay, How Would You Serve Us for AC Repair & Maintenance?

As you notice, extreme weather conditions make it very difficult to live in UAE. Along with us, it also takes a toll on our buildings. In summer months, Air Conditioning units are used even more frequently than on other seasons and it often leads to issues.

AC units are one of the most basic needs that are too difficult to be taken for granted. The moment it goes down, we realize the importance of our AC. Hence, regular AC Repair & maintenance should be your first priority.

Painting Service - Is it the Best Time to Paint My Home or Office?

Is the exterior of your home showing signs of aging? It is better to repaint it. Even if you want to give a makeover to your interior, it is better to give a few coats.

Well, there are some other common reasons why you may want to repaint. It’s up to you when you repaint your home interior.

You will easily notice when you should repaint the interior of your home. You may no longer want to see the paint chipped, marked, or faded. These are the aesthetic reasons.

Exterior is also important to be painted regularly. Paint serves a very important function on exterior walls. It serves as a protective layer against the rain, UV rays, and infestation.

Well, it depends on various factors like climate where you live, type of cladding, and quality of paint which was used last time.

One mistake most homeowners make is they don’t paint their home exteriors as frequently as they must. They don’t look at it closely.

If a trim paint or house looks well at a distance, they quickly assume that everything is okay. But there are certain things you won’t notice until you take a closer look at it –

  • When cracking or peeling becomes visible on your window trim at a distance, it means it’s time to repaint your trim. If it was repainted last year or two years ago, you may surely not want to wait for next year to come.
  • Inspect timber cladding closely every year, if you have it. Pay close attention to areas where timber butts or overlaps over other materials. Watch out for signs of infestation, moisture, or fungus.
  • If you have weather-resistant cladding, it may not need repainting work too frequently. But don’t overlook window trim, fascias, doors, or any other component made of timber.

Actually, we don’t have any accurate answer. According to general rule –

  • Painted timber has shelf-life of over 10 years. If your exterior wall is exposed to sunlight all day long, it lasts just half as long. If your home is located on a coastline, you may want to repaint it every 2 to 3 years.
  • You have to refinish a clear or stained timber every two to 5 years.
  • If you have weatherboard or fibro, paint can last around 15 years.
  • If you have semi-gloss or gloss timber window trim, you have to repaint it every few years.

The quality of paint and workmanship can make a huge difference to the prolonged existence of exterior paint work. When repainting, it takes longer to prepare the surface than actual painting work to improve the lifespan of paint. Skimping could be more expensive than using quality paints and primers in the long run.

For best results, we recommend you to hire our professional painters. We are recognized for quality paint work and your paint will look beautiful and last for years.

Plumbers Dubai - Are You Searching for Plumbers in Dubai?

Started as a small business, Handymen UAE is currently a name to reckon with all the home and commercial improvement services. We have friendly and experienced staff to take care of all your home improvement needs.

On your bathroom, wear and tear is a common issue. After hundreds of on/offs of your bathroom sink, toilet flushes, showers, and baths, plumbing should be replaced over time.

Sometimes, you need just a cosmetic repair. But it also requires more work sometimes. Watch out for these signs to know whether it’s time to replace your bath plumbing -

If you cannot clean your showerhead or sink hardware, or if rust or chips started to appear, you need an upgrade.

An obsolete hardware not just ruins the overall look of your bathroom, but it can also be harmful for your health, especially when metal particles are chipped off and get into the water stream.

So, we recommend you to replace this type of hardware right away. Before removing any fixture, don’t forget to turn off the water supply. If any problem occurs, call our professional plumbers.

Faulty waterlines or leakage is another common reason to upgrade your bathroom.

If the water is spread all over the floor just by running your tub or if water dribbles all around the fixture just after turning on the sink tap, hardware is not sealed properly.

Watch out for drainage problems which won’t resolve, such as showers or tubes which drain slowly.

If your bathroom develops mold, you need to replace plumbing. Especially on the ceiling or walls, mold shows that water is running from somewhere else where you can’t reach.

The sooner a homeowner finds a source of leakage and fixes it, the better. Our plumbers will search for the wet parts of ceiling or wall if you have water problem.

Mold may not appear just after bath or shower. Wait a couple of hours and come again to inspect your bathroom. If your ceiling or walls have wet spots or water running on the floor, call our professional plumbers to fix leakage.

Along with improving the overall look, hardware and plumbing replacement can also improve safety and longevity. You can avoid serious issues in future if you do simple repairs today, and save both time and money.

If you have galvanized steel pipes in your bathroom, they may corrode and narrow down over time. If shower doesn’t flow properly, it means pipes start to degrade.

It can also affect tubs, sinks, and refill rate. When the volume and pressure of water degrades, you will notice it frequently. We recommend full plumbing replacement in this situation.

If water is smelling worse or rusty, you need to replace your bathroom plumbing. Generally, heaters have “sacrificial anodes”, which are steel rods covered in zinc, aluminum, or magnesium.

Bacterial and corrosive elements are stick to the anodes from a hot water tank. These rods break down over time and stop functioning. This breakdown causes smelly or rusty water.

Along with washroom plumbing, you may also call us for –

  • Kitchen Plumbing
  • Faucets & taps replacement
  • Water fixtures replacement
  • Water heater repair and replacement
  • Shower installation
  • Water leakage in walls, ceiling, and floors

Office Relocation Dubai - Is Home or Office Relocation Your Need?

Are you planning to relocate to a new location in UAE?

Don’t want to face stress of relocation because you have other things to take care of?

Let our relocation experts to provide the right solution to you. We have qualified team of expert movers who have years of experience to alleviate your stress.

Whether home or office, relocation is not as simple as it seems. Along with large items, you also have to take care of small logistics like furniture deliveries, paperwork, inspections etc. to ensure smooth relocation.

It is better to outsource your moving responsibilities to us so you can focus on more important tasks. Here’s how our moving service can benefit you –

For Commercial/Office Moving

Office Equipment Removal – Office equipment is too expensive to be replaced, once damaged. It is also very heavy.

If you ask your employees to move their equipments themselves, there are chances of breakage and injuries.

So, let our relocation experts to do the right job for you. They have all the tools needed to safely load and transport your office equipments to your new address. They can also install and secure your equipment wherever you need it.

You don’t need to move it back and forth after relocation.

Save Time and Money – When it comes to relocate your office, the executives and managers may definitely be concerned about timing and cost.

Even if you do it yourself, you need our expert movers to load and secure everything on the truck to save the time of your employees.

For Residential Moving

Packing Services – We understand that packing process is very tedious and time-taking job. It is not the task that everyone likes.

Hence, you need expert hands to do it for you. We have an experienced team to provide relocation services. They have all the important tools like sealing tapes, boxes, bubble wrap, etc. to pack your belongings safely.

Our expert movers can also keep things organized well so they can easily unpack once you arrive at your new address. They will also take care of unpacking.

Arrange Moving Truck

If you can rent a truck yourself, why you should call us? It is the first question you may have in your mind.

What if you don’t know the new location properly?

Are you ready to hand all your valuables to a driver who will be driving a large truck with all of your households relentlessly in an unknown city?

By hiring our expert movers, you can rest assured that all your belongings will be safe because they have detailed knowledge of all the areas in the country and they will drive the moving truck safely.

This way, you can meet your movers at new location with confidence that everything will be moved as it is.

Our movers’ staff is highly experienced to deal with both household and office relocations. They are specialized in this business and they can provide custom relocation services to save both time and money of our clients.