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If you have one of these issues, it’s time to call our emergency team of professionals and technicians to clean and repair your air conditioning unit! So what are you waiting for? We are always ready to fix all kinds of AC damages or issues at your home.

For both households and office spaces, we provide preventive maintenance services for all models and types of air conditioners.

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When summer season is on its peak, Dubai residents bear scorching heat when their AC units start failing. 

According to a survey conducted by an online portal, over 50% of households in Dubai experience problems in their cooling units, especially in summer months, making it the biggest maintenance chaos in Dubai. 

Around 70% of the surveyed residents complain regarding improper air conditioning. 

Up to 8 out of 10 respondents have complains regarding maintenance issues like smelly ducts and sewage, thin walls, electrical faults, and defective water heaters. Bursting water pipe is another common issue, particularly for villa residents.

If you are one of them, not to worry! Our Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) includes –

  • Fastest Turnaround Time
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Highly Experienced and well-trained Team
  • Services available All Over Dubai

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  • Not Cooling Well - If your AC unit is running but doesn’t provide proper cooling, complete cleaning is what you should do. When it comes to clean an AC unit, you should do it during a warmer day. You may follow a user’s manual. If you don’t know how to do, call our experts now!
  • Temperature Problem - If your AC Unit is not doing well, inspect the thermostat and make sure it is set to cool. Also see if the AC is set to existing temperature. Try it before calling a repair technician.
  • If room temperature drops even lower than the set temperature on thermostat, thermostat may be not calibrated or installed properly. For help regarding installation, call our experts.
  • Improper cycling of pump - When AC turns on and off and room temperature swings up to 3 degrees, it means the pump in your AC unit is not cycling properly. Whenever you face this type of problem, adjust the heat anticipator of the thermostat.
  • If you hear squealing sounds from the forced belt attached to the fan of the motor, or air heat pump, and if fan falls and blower makes grinding noise, you must call an AC repair technician.It is actually motor’s bearing which has been shot, causing problem in air conditioner. It is generally because of improper alignment of belt which needs replacement. When encountered this kind of issue, ask our experts for the best recommendations.
  • Leakage – If water is leaking at the base of AC or there is something which blocks the flow of water or the pump is not working well, check if one of the tubes has a leak or damage. It is important to replace the damaged part.
  • Noisy Parts – In AC units, most of the heating/cooling ducts are made of metal. So, they produce noise from air-handling units. To stop such noise, you should put a flexible ductwork between the heating/cooling systems so it can run without noise.

If it creates a pinging sound or popper sound from ductwork, inspect it as it might be from loose metal or thermal expansion. Put a small dent in the sheet metal for more even surface which is not much likely to move when it heats and cools.

Along with saving money, these tips can also help you know how to fix your AC before AC repair experts reach your doorsteps.

At Handymen UAE, we are envisioned to provide the best possible AC service to our clients with wide range of AC repair services.

With over decades of experience in AC repair, our technicians are certified in air conditioning repair and installation by undergoing proper training from the manufacturers.

They are the well-trained and best repair techs who are ready to work and to resolve all the AC issues you may have.