How to Pick the Right Wood Type for Your Interior Decoration Project?

carpentry workIt goes without saying that we all love wood. In all forms, shapes, and textures, wood has timeless appeal and great natural quality due to which it is the best choice for all kinds of applications in your home. Picking the right wood type is just the beginning for your home project. After choosing the wood, you have to pick the type of wood which is best for your project.

How to Choose?

There are three main factors affecting the choices of right wood type for a project – the type of wood, color of wood, and grain of wood.

Types of Wood

Woods are either softwood or hardwood. Irrespective of its name, softwood is not necessarily fragile or soft. They come from coniferous trees like fir, pine, and cedar. They are usually cheaper than hardwood as they farmed more frequently and grow faster.

Though softwoods can be used in several projects, most woodworkers and carpenters prefer hardwoods because they can easily be shaped and molded into several intricate designs. Hardwoods like mahogany, oak, and teak have unique textures and appealing grain. So, they are ideal for most projects. Listed here are some of the common types of wood –

  1. Oak – It is a heavy, hard wood which lasts a lifetime. It has coarse grain and pale coloring can easily match your style. So, it is best for cabinetry.
  2. Maple – It has wavy grain and is light in color. It is very durable and shock resistant. The light coloring of this wood make it ideal in its beautiful design and it can be stained for unique finish.
  3. Meranti – This hardwood is light in color and has a lot of grains. This hardwood is used widely in Dubai. It is very affordable as compared to other hardwoods due to its easy availability. If you have tight budget, consider this hardwood.
  4. Birch – This smooth hardwood is very shock-resistant and it is ideal for countertops in kitchen. Its color varies naturally.
  5. Mahogany – It is the father of all hardwoods. The dark, naturally rich coloring and hardness are the reasons why it is preferred by homeowners. It is built to last and is very affordable.
  6. Pine – It is another budget-friendly wood. The pale to mid coloring adds a beauty to your project. But it is likely to dent. It is better choice for wardrobes.
  7. Ash Wood – It is a beautiful light hardwood which is full of grains. It looks quite beautiful in white. Despite being costly, Ash wood is ideal for kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, door etc.
  8. Teakwood – There are different types of teakwood, but Iroko and Burmese teak are two most common types in Dubai.


No matter you go for deep cherry color or light maple color, wood comes with its own natural appeal which needs no introduction. Some kinds of wood have variations in their colors, according to the age and type of tree, or even place where tree was sourced.

For instance, oak comes in both white and red colors, giving different types of finish to your furniture. When taken from out of tree trunk, birch is pale, caramel wood. But it is likely to be more reddish, darker if it is taken from deep into the trunk.

All the light woods can be stained with darker hue and they can also be varnished and painted for a different finish. Choose a wood according to durability, strength and beauty.


The grain is basically pattern, texture and alignment of the patterns which appear naturally in the wood. Every tree is different and each has their own grain patterns. Hence, wood sellers categorize wood grain according to these patterns –

  1. Cross – Lines running parallel towards the long side
  2. Straight – Lines are vertical and straight
  3. Fine – It is barely seen or invisible
  4. Spiral – Patterns seen in tornado or funnel-type arrangements
  5. Curly – Circular patterns


Along with the above features of wood, you should also consider the purpose of buying wood. Will you use sharp objects on it, or place heavy objects over it? Will it face intense heat or moisture? Will it be used in solid, large piece like kitchen countertop? Ask these questions to yourself when choosing wood or talk to us at 050 – 187 5815. We are good and affordable carpenters dubai