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Is Your AC Unit Blowing out Hot Air Inside?

Is Your AC Stinking? 

Is AC Unit Not Giving Proper Cooling? 

Is Water Leaking from AC Ducts or Unit? 

Do Filters Need Servicing?

If you have one of these issues, it’s time to call our emergency team of professionals and technicians to clean and repair your air conditioning unit! So what are you waiting for? We are always ready to fix all kinds of AC damages or issues at your home.

For both households and office spaces, we provide preventive maintenance services for all models and types of air conditioners.

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When summer season is on its peak, Dubai residents bear scorching heat when their AC units start failing. 

According to a survey conducted by an online portal, over 50% of households in Dubai experience problems in their cooling units, especially in summer months, making it the biggest maintenance chaos in Dubai. 

Around 70% of the surveyed residents complain regarding improper air conditioning. 

Up to 8 out of 10 respondents have complains regarding maintenance issues like smelly ducts and sewage, thin walls, electrical faults, and defective water heaters. Bursting water pipe is another common issue, particularly for villa residents.

If you are one of them, not to worry! Our Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) includes –

Fastest Turnaround Time

Reasonable Rates

Highly Experienced and well-trained Team

Services available All Over Dubai

We provide all-inclusive Air Conditioning services and solutions, such as cooling, heating, and air quality, required for both residential and commercial settings. We are dedicated to meet and exceed all the expectations of our clients.

With the average temperature of up to 40oC to 45oC in Dubai, a split AC or central AC is something you can’t live without. Even a small room requires an AC unit with the capacity of over 1.5 ton in a city like Dubai which receives scorching and unbearable heat during day time.

Watch Out for These Warning Signs that Commonly Take Place During Summer Months…

When summer months bring holidays, beach days, barbeques, vacations, they also call something unwanted – Air Conditioning problems!

Admit it… you need Air Conditioners the most during summer months more than anything else. With all the huge demands of AC come various issues in it.

Well, there is a solution for it! Knowing the issues your AC might face this summer can help you prepare in advance for the unpleasant situations and find out how to avoid these problems.

Since there is huge demand for AC during summers, air filters get clogged too frequently. A clogged filter brings all kinds of problems with the drain pipe and air handler motor. So, it is very important to keep it clean.

On average, you should change your air filter every month. But during summers, you may need to change it too frequently.

Refrigerant leaks are other common problem in summer months. When it starts leaking, AC is no longer capable to provide proper cooling inside, and your comfort suffers.

In order to fix this, you must call a technician who is certified by Environmental Protection Agency because AC units basically have a toxic substance “Frecon” that only experienced techs can handle.

It is one of the most common issues Dubai households face with their AC systems during summers. It is a serious problem, especially when humidity is at its peak and temperature goes severely hot.

There are different things which can cause your AC not providing proper cooling in summer months. So, you should call our technicians to inspect your AC system and find out the fault.

High temperature always brings higher electricity bills. If your electricity bill is skyrocketing, there must be something wrong with your AC unit. Ask your friends and neighbors how much they are paying every months. If you are paying much, it is better to call our repair technician to find out what’s causing it to take too much energy.

To keep all Summer Problems at bay, call our AC Repair Team!!

To beat the heat this summer, call us now for annual AC maintenance to get rid of all AC issues. It is better to keep your AC “SUMMER Ready” and running smoothly all day long.

AC Installation Dubai – I want to install AC Unit at my home. Is there anything I don’t know?

Since summer is just around the corner, you may be planning to install an air conditioning system at your home that can provide cooling all day and warmth during nights.

If you are looking for the best AC unit, it is important to discuss what you should consider to have a new system. Here are some of the major considerations you should know –

  • Proper sizing of your AC unit according to specific cooling requirements at your home.
  • Choosing proper controls or thermostats and installation.
  • Proper commissioning and installation
  • According to the space in your house, choosing a ductwork system for even distribution of cool air inside.
  • Insulation and sealing of all ductwork.

To find out some important details regarding air load, air conditioner size, and humidity control, we have the experts to provide proper air conditioning guidance before you buy and install air conditioning system.

For better humidity control, you have to match the size of air conditioner to the actual load. It will also lead to proper savings instead of buying an oversized AC unit with same performance parameters.

When it comes to opt for air condition, we recommend some of the energy efficient features to consider, such as proper ductwork, insulation, windows, and protection against infiltration.

It should be done properly. Evaluate the quality and capacity of existing duct work as it cannot manage the added airflow for cooling and heating if there is alteration in heat pump.

Generally, over-sizing cost high in equipments. But it can deal with (in terms of room temperature) some mistakes, such as poor AC maintenance, leaking ductwork, improper insulation, missing or improperly installed insulation, and excess infiltration. 

To estimate the load, you need to consider more than just square footage. You need to consider the orientation, extra area, and type of construction, along with the heat released by the people, lights, and equipments in the building.

This way, our air conditioning experts make a complete inspection at your home and ask a few questions that may help them in calculations.

At Handymen UAE, we educate our clients so they can make informed decisions regarding their AC units. We are proud to keep our clients informed and prepared to make decisions on buying Air Conditioning units. Overall, the size, placement, and efficiency of AC are the major considerations.

AC Repair Dubai – How Would I Know If My AC System Needs Emergency Repair?

Consider the following issues that may occur in your AC unit as well as the tips to fix some sort of issues on your end. There are some issues you should let our professionals to handle.

  1. Not Cooling Well - If your AC unit is running but doesn’t provide proper cooling, complete cleaning is what you should do. When it comes to clean an AC unit, you should do it during a warmer day. You may follow a user’s manual. If you don’t know how to do, call our experts now!
  1. Temperature Problem - If your AC Unit is not doing well, inspect the thermostat and make sure it is set to cool. Also see if the AC is set to existing temperature. Try it before calling a repair technician.
  1. If room temperature drops even lower than the set temperature on thermostat, thermostat may be not calibrated or installed properly. For help regarding installation, call our experts.
  1. Improper cycling of pump - When AC turns on and off and room temperature swings up to 3 degrees, it means the pump in your AC unit is not cycling properly. Whenever you face this type of problem, adjust the heat anticipator of the thermostat.
  1. If you hear squealing sounds from the forced belt attached to the fan of the motor, or air heat pump, and if fan falls and blower makes grinding noise, you must call an AC repair technician.It is actually motor’s bearing which has been shot, causing problem in air conditioner. It is generally because of improper alignment of belt which needs replacement. When encountered this kind of issue, ask our experts for the best recommendations.
  1. Leakage – If water is leaking at the base of AC or there is something which blocks the flow of water or the pump is not working well, check if one of the tubes has a leak or damage. It is important to replace the damaged part.
  1. Noisy Parts – In AC units, most of the heating/cooling ducts are made of metal. So, they produce noise from air-handling units. To stop such noise, you should put a flexible ductwork between the heating/cooling systems so it can run without noise.

If it creates a pinging sound or popper sound from ductwork, inspect it as it might be from loose metal or thermal expansion. Put a small dent in the sheet metal for more even surface which is not much likely to move when it heats and cools.

Along with saving money, these tips can also help you know how to fix your AC before AC repair experts reach your doorsteps.

At Handymen UAE, we are envisioned to provide the best possible AC service to our clients with wide range of AC repair services.

With over decades of experience in AC repair, our technicians are certified in air conditioning repair and installation by undergoing proper training from the manufacturers.

They are the well-trained and best repair techs who are ready to work and to resolve all the AC issues you may have.  

AC Maintenance – How It Benefits Dubai Households?

An air conditioner is a great necessity in summer months to you and your family. Sometimes, you may have issues to keep it in excellent condition all the time. At Handymen UAE, we have the best AC contractors to help you regarding this need!

With our routine AC tune-ups, our experts can ensure proper running of your AC unit to exceed all your expectations and your needs. We are providing top quality AC maintenance support to repair all issues with your AC unit.

Our professional and polite team is always here to take your call and to help you in all possible ways. Here’s how they may help you for regular AC Tune-ups.

In this day and age, we all are suffering from high electricity costs. So, it is important for all households to take preventive measures to reduce power consumption.

Air conditioner alone takes up to 50% of electricity used in your property during summer months. Hence, it can significantly save a lot of money with improvement in the efficiency of AC unit.

A well-maintained AC unit will perform far much better and save more power than a poorly maintained one. Call our professionals regarding annual inspection and AC maintenance in Dubai.

We guarantee that your AC will always perform very efficiently. So, schedule your AC maintenance work this summer and save more on electricity bills.

Along with enhancing energy efficiency of your AC unit, our AC maintenance service can also improve the enjoyment and comfort provided by your unit, as an added benefit. Your AC unit can operate more effectively and fulfill all your comfort needs uniformly and quickly.

Last but not the least; another important benefit of regular maintenance is that our professionals can deal with all kinds of minor issues before they get severe.

Hence, our technicians will save you from the risk of major damage in future. We can help you save more on repair costs throughout your AC’s service life, and delay the requirement of expensive AC replacement. 

Schedule AC maintenance today in Dubai by calling us at 050 - 187 5815!