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Are You in Search for Professional Carpenters in Dubai to Repair your Home or Office Furniture?


Do you want to setup new furniture in your Office Space, Retail Store, Educational Institute, Restaurant, or Home?

No Job is too small for us…

Why You Should Choose Handymen UAE, not Anyone Else???

Thanks to these benefits of our services, we can proudly say that we have the best carpenters in Dubai -

  • Accuracy & Efficiency – Our carpenters have years of experience and expertise. They will keep you up-to-date on progress of their work.
  • Friendly Staff – Our carpentry staff is always there to help our clients in any way possible.
  • Timely Delivery – We are available every day to ensure timely delivery of our projects.
  • Cost Efficiency – The prices of our services are reasonable and fixed. We don’t charge any hidden cost like carpenter’s parking etc. We work on the basis of your needs and budget.

Seems Nice… Can You Tell Me What Kind of Works You Do?

Carpentry is one of the important parts of our handymen services in Dubai.

Admit it… Whether you have an apartment, house, or a commercial space, you need carpentry services most of the time.

You will need an experienced carpenter every once in a while to get every small job done, including repair and maintenance of furniture. If you are looking to hire a carpenter, Handymen UAE is your one stop shop.

Even after spending extra fortune on buying premium quality and branded hinges and handles for your home, you will still need an expert carpenter to get them repaired on timely basis. With regular wear and tear, screws often get loose.

If you have children, there are chances that they may break handles and hinges intentionally or by accident. In that case, an expert carpenter is required to repair the broken hinges and handles or to tight nuts and bolts. We are offering different types of carpentry services to serve this purpose. 

If you have children, there are chances that they will, intentionally or accidently, break the glasses of doors, windows and shelves over time. If this type of situation happens next time, you must call us right away.

We have the best carpenters in Dubai to replace the broken wooden frames and glasses in your windows and doors and to make them look like new.

Do you want to renovate your house by replacing window frames, doors, bathroom shelves or kitchen cabinets?

All you have to call us! We have some excellent services in store for you. Our professionals know how to provide the best carpentry services in this manner.

Have you lost the keys or locked out of your home due to broken locks?

Don’t panic!!! Call us anytime for repair and replace of door locks in Dubai. Our experienced carpenters can deal with all kinds of door locks, no matter what type of repair service you need.

There are hundreds and thousands of handyman service providers in UAE. What makes us stand out is the fact that we provide different handymen services for different types of projects. We have experienced, skilled, and best professionals for all types of carpentry works.

Are You Providing Exhibition Stands in Dubai? As We Want to Promote our Brand!

Of course, yes! We are providing services to marketers, brand owners, and marketing agencies. First of all, we understand their marketing needs to provide something more creative than merely an architectural structure.

We consider various needs of our clients, including ergonomics, brand reflection, flow of visitors, commercial presence, and sales interaction to offer the proven solutions and to ensure greater ROI and exhibiting results.

We provide custom designed exhibition stands with custom features and versatility of modern design. We are offering various solutions for hire and purchase of portable and self-build systems.

We have the right choice of exhibition stand for all your business needs, regardless of exhibition scale, location, budget, frequency, and ambition. We have affordable exhibition stands for you.

To enhance interaction, visitors’ engagement and lead generation, we employ attractive engagement tools and innovative graphics. We have experienced, passionate, and award-winning designers to take your business into limelight on exhibition floor.

We design, create and install different types of exhibition stands as per your marketing needs. We have creative digital engagement tools and architectural solutions to raise the bar. You must see it to believe it!

Whether it’s just a kitchen remodel or adding a new attic or master suite you need, Handymen UAE is always with you!

We undertake all kinds of projects and serve them all with equal enthusiasm. We are aimed to turn your dreams and visions into reality, within budget and on time.

Before starting any project, we provide a realistic schedule and estimate to our clients. Even if you need any change in the project midway, we can do it as well. We are there to add life to your home interiors.

Custom Woodworking and Custom Cabinetry are something we are excelled in. You may feel free to ask us to create virtually anything you imagine.

Be it Fireplace Mantels, Banquettes, Built-Ins, Vanities, Paneled Libraries, Media Rooms, Entertainment Centers, Laundry Rooms, or Walk-in Closets, we can craft almost any furniture you can go with, along with Tables, Beds, Dressers and other basic furniture items. 

We are not only good carpenters, we are great remodelers too!

We are sure that most designers haven’t set their foot in your kitchen yet. Kitchen is the heart of your home. Don’t you believe? Throw a party at your home and see where most guests will end up!

We have experienced and talented team of handymen who can magically transform your kitchen into a heavenly place to cook in, let alone making it look nice!

Whether you want to give traditional, contemporary or any look to your kitchen, we can transform your common kitchen into a delightful place where you will always want to be all day long. 

We have proven track record in working on several houses. All our clients were delighted with our jobs and also referred us to their friends. We have the remodelers who know what to do to make your kitchen look like new.

Woodcarving is an art to adorn any shapeless beds, cabinets, sofa, stairs, wall panels or chairs. We have experienced craftsmen to create unique sculptures and patterns with wood to make it the hallmark of your home interior.

We have been providing architectural works and carving decorative models since decades. These days, woodcarving has reached another level. We have experienced woodcarver to transform any baggy item into an artistically crafted masterpiece.

Wood carving can easily transform a not-so-beautiful thing into an epitome of admiration, with complex and intricate patterns. We can decorate your dresser, closet, bed, chair, or any piece of furniture, or add a harmonious look on the backs and arms of any furniture. 

Wood paneling covers a large amount of space for interior decoration, along with other materials. Wood panels can easily transform the look of your room.

These days, you may find different types of coating materials, with their own decorative feel. We specialize in producing designer and classic wood panels.

The natural wood we use can add to the beauty of textures and colors of wall, and improve style, charm, and lavishness of your interiors.

We craft wood paneling for your walls in painted or unpainted form, with or without assembly, or with drawings and sketches.

We are providing variety of choices for your décor to carve a different composition with elements of aging, thread inlay.

We add unique elements to your wood carvings to deliver unique results. Wood panels can be crafted for ceilings and walls with different design properties and in various dimensions.

Wooden wall panels are widely used for interior design of residential and office space. This material gained popularity with unique design and ease in installation.

You may call us to install designer wood panels in bedrooms, hallways or any other area.

Whether you are the owner of a public institution or private company, reception counter is very important.

As a first area of contact, it can quickly leave a strong first impression on your clients and visitors. Reception desks should provide an ideal space to work on computer for the receptionist and it should also be practical.

We are offering exclusive range of reception counters and reception desk and designing them in modular and contemporary form.

Our reception desks are designed in different styles, sizes, and finishes to meet various design specifications of our clients and to accommodate your budgets.

We have reception desks and counters in different wood styles and laminate finishes, with glass options to add a personal touch. You can choose from extensive range of reception desks with different designs.

You may call us for customized reception counters to serve all purposes and needs. Our carpenters work with different types of materials, such as glass, stone, wood, laminates, veneers, and steel.

We can craft a reception counter that can completely reflect your corporate identity where first impression is very important.

When it comes to enhance the look of your home décor, you need an ideal wooden partition crafted by experienced carpenters.

Wooden partition is covered with ply boards and installed with hardwood or aluminum frames.

These are lined with wood of different designs and finished with striking melamine polish. Wooden partition is also enjoying huge demand these days because of its luxurious and premium finish.

Wooden flooring can add modern look to your master bedroom or living room. You can also achieve vintage look to add appeal and charm to your home.

We have highly skilled and experienced craftsmen who can ensure quality finish by complying with high standards. We can deal with every aspect, from preparing sub-floor to maintenance and finishing, in a professional manner. 

At Handymen Dubai, we assemble and build all types of custom furniture items, such as chairs, cabinets, Cots, Desktop Tables, Dressers, Dining Tables, Postboxes, Message Boards, Showcases, Shelves, Wardrobes, Tables etc. which are important for your home.

Our experienced carpenters are also offering emergency services like windows, doors, accidental damage, or any repair and maintenance services. 

With Handymen UAE, you can rest assured that you won’t have to call anyone else for another project, as we have covered all types of carpentry works for you. We have professional, experienced carpenters who can handle all types of projects. So, it will be done as per your budgets and preferences.

We have experienced carpenters who can serve you and fulfill all kinds of carpentry needs. Whether you need any emergency repair on home furniture or polish your luxurious furniture, look no further than Handymen UAE!

You will come across a complete range of carpentry and home renovation services in Dubai. We have the best carpenters to perform repairs and maintenance jobs or craft a new furniture piece for you.

They know how to do their jobs best at very affordable price. We don’t charge any hidden cost for providing our carpentry services. We guarantee you to provide the best rates of our services in Dubai.

Our carpenters are adapt in handling all kinds of expensive antiques and have expertise to deal with all kinds of renovation work. To hire the best carpenters in Dubai, call us at 050 - 187 5815.