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Why Choose Handymen UAE for Wall Painting?

Guaranteed & Quality Services

We provide high quality care and fulfill our customers’ needs. To do that, we listen to them…

We provide free tips to our customers regarding color choices. We ensure proper preparation before we start our job and use our best quality paints and equipments. We also conduct proper supervision to exceed your expectations with our work.


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We Work at Your own Schedule

We understand that our customers have their own schedules. So, we accommodate you at any free schedule.

We have a large number of wall painters for big projects in Dubai like apartments and office buildings. To provide fastest service, we assign several painters for each project. 

Diversified Services

To meet diverse needs of our clients, we provide diverse range of services, such as exterior and interior painting.

Our painting services are ranging from kitchen, bedroom, living room and various areas in your house.

Some of our exclusive services are spray painting, floor painting, wood polishing, decorative painting, texture painting, epoxy painting, furniture painting, and gypsum painting.

In addition, we provide full cleanup when project is completed.


Perfect Color to Meet Your Desires and Personality

At Handymen UAE, our painters understand the fact that painting is not all about changing the color. Instead, it is adding a real value to your property. We change the overall look of premises with a unique prospective which can truly mirror your personality.

Our Approach

We have expert supervisors to conduct a detailed inspection, even on completion, to ensure total satisfaction of our clients. We also provide 24x7 Support to our clients so they can easily call us for any doubt.

Detailed Project Estimation

Especially when you don’t have any background knowledge or experience in a particular area, it is very complex to write a project proposal. We have highly skilled painters who can work according to your plan.

Our experts can write a detailed estimation of total cost of a project. Give your house a perfect treat with our house paint services. Call us today at 050 - 187 5815 for more details or email us at and get our services on same day in Dubai.

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